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Judgment And Judges Quotes

Even God doesn't plan to judge a man till the end of his days, why should you and I?

Author: Source Unknown


Every act is to be judged by the intention of the agent.

Author: Source Unknown


One is never more on trial than in the moment of excessive good fortune.

Author: Lew Wallace (1827-1905)

Profession: American Writer, Soldier

In our judgment of human transactions, the law of optics is reversed, we see most dimly the objects which are close around us.

Author: Richard Whately (1787-1863)

Profession: British Prelate, Writer

Be curious, not judgmental.

Author: Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

Profession: American Poet

One cool judgment is worth a thousand hasty counsels. The thing to do is to supply light and not heat.

Author: Woodrow T. Wilson (1856-1924)

Profession: Twenty-eighth President of the USA

I have a thing with the camera. The lens is unconditional. It doesn't judge you.

Author: Debra Winger (1955)

Profession: American Actress