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I can do something else besides stuff a ball through a hoop. My biggest resource is my mind.

Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1947)

Profession: American Basketball Player

Your mind is what makes everything else work.

Author: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1947)

Profession: American Basketball Player

Old minds are like old horses; you must exercise them if you wish to keep them in working order.

Author: John Adams (1735-1826)

Profession: Second President of the USA

We should look to the mind, and not to the outward appearance.

Author: Aesop (620-560 BC)

Profession: Greek Fabulist

Mind is the Master--power that molds and makes, and Man is Mind, and ever more he takes the Tool of Thought, and shaping what he wills, brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills--He thinks in secret and it comes to pass; Environment is but his looking-glass.

Author: James Allen (1864-1912)

Profession: British-born American Essayist, Author of ''As a Man Thinketh''

I keep the telephone of my mind open to peace, harmony, health, love, and abundance. Then, whenever doubt, anxiety, or fear try to call me, they will keep getting a busy signal and soon they'll forget my number.

Author: Edith Armstrong


The center that I cannot find is known to my unconscious mind.

Author: W. H. Auden (1907-1973)

Profession: Anglo-American Poet

A mind that is fast is sick. A mind that is slow is sound. A mind that is still is divine.

Author: Meher Baba


What impresses men is not mind, but the result of mind.

Author: Walter Bagehot (1826-1877)

Profession: British Economist, Critic

Brains aren't designed to get result; they go in directions. If you know how the brain works you can set your own directions. If you don't, then someone else will.

Author: Richard Bandler

Profession: American Therapist, Co-founder of NLP

No mind, however loving, could bear to see plainly into all the recess of another mind.

Author: Thomas A. Bennett


If we were to ask the brain how it would like to be treated, whether shaken at a random, irregular rate, or in a rhythmic, harmonious fashion, we can be sure that the brain, or for that matter the whole body, would prefer the latter.

Author: Itzhak Bentov


The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.

Author: Henri L. Bergson (1859-1941)

Profession: French Philosopher

He has the lucidity which is the by-product of a fundamentally sterile mind. He does not have to struggle... with the crowded pulsations of a fecund imagination. On the contrary he is almost devoid of imagination.

Author: Aneurin Bevan (1897-1960)

Profession: British Labor Politician

He is not elevated by good fortune or depressed by bad. His mind is established in God, and he is free from delusion.

Author: Bhagavad Gita

Profession: Sanskrit Poem Incorporated Into the Mahabharata