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If I have done any deed worthy of remembrance, that deed will be my monument. If not, no monument can preserve my memory.

Author: Agesilaus II

Profession: King of Sparta from 399-360 BC

America loves the representation of its heroes to be not just larger than life, but stupendously, awesomely bigger than anything else. If blue whales built statues to each other they'd be smaller then these.

Author: Simon Hoggart


Monuments are the grappling-irons that bind one generation to another.

Author: Joseph Joubert (1754-1824)

Profession: French Moralist

Deeds, not stones, are the true monuments of the great.

Author: John L. Motley (1814-1877)

Profession: American Historian

If a man needs an elaborate tombstone in order to remain in the memory of his country, it is clear that his living at all was an act of absolute superfluity.

Author: Oscar Wilde (1856-1900)

Profession: British Author, Wit