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Nationalities And Nationalism Quotes

Italians come to ruin most generally in three ways, women, gambling, and farming. My family chose the slowest one.

Author: Pope John XXIII (1881-1963)

Profession: Italian Head of Roman Catholic Order

The Canadian spirit is cautious, observant and critical where the American is assertive.

Author: V. S. Pritchett (1900)

Profession: British Author, Critic

The Irish ignore anything they can't drink or punch.

Author: Proverb


The French work to live, but the Swiss live to work.

Author: French Proverb

Profession: Sayings of French Origin

Bulls get rich, bears get rich, but pigs get slaughtered An Irishman is never at his best except when fighting.

Author: Irish Proverb

Profession: Sayings of Irish Origin

Nations whose nationalism is destroyed are subject to ruin.

Author: Colonel Muhammar Qaddafi (1942)

Profession: Libyan Political and Military Leader

The English are predisposed to pride, the French to vanity.

Author: Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778)

Profession: Swiss Political Philosopher, Educationist, Essayist

Put an Irishman on the spit and you can always get another Irishman to turn him.

Author: George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

Profession: Irish-born British Dramatist

The English have a heavy hearted way of amusing themselves.

Author: Sully


The Britons are quite separated from all the world.

Author: Virgil

Profession: Roman Poet

How I like the boldness of the English, how I like the people who say what they think!

Author: Voltaire (1694-1778)

Profession: French Historian, Writer