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Power is my mistress. I have worked too hard at her conquest to allow anyone to take her away from me.

Author: Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

Profession: French General, Emperor

Ten persons who speak make more noise than ten thousand who are silent.

Author: Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

Profession: French General, Emperor

If school results were the key to power, girls would be running the world.

Author: Sarah Boseley

Profession: British Journalist

To create power is like a magnet, this is true because this creative power operates like a magnet. Give it a strong clear picture of what you want and this creative power starts to work magnetizing conditions about you -- attracting to you things, resources, opportunities, circumstances and even the people you need, to help bring to pass in your outer life what you have pictured.

Author: Claude M. Bristol (1891-1951)

Profession: American Author of ''The Magic of Believing''

Power is the by-product of understanding.

Author: Jacob Bronowski (1908-1974)

Profession: British Scientist, Author

We should keep silent about those in power; to speak well of them almost implies flattery; to speak ill of them while they are alive is dangerous, and when they are dead is cowardly.

Author: Jean De La Bruyere (1645-1696)

Profession: French Classical Writer

Power is so characteristically calm, that calmness in itself has the aspect of strength.

Author: Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873)

Profession: British Novelist, Poet

I know of nothing sublime which is not some modification of power.

Author: Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

Profession: British Political Writer, Statesman

Those who have been once intoxicated with power, and have derived any kind of emolument from it, even though but for one year, never can willingly abandon it. They may be distressed in the midst of all their power; but they will never look to anything but power for their relief.

Author: Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

Profession: British Political Writer, Statesman

Power intoxicates men. When a man is intoxicated by alcohol, he can recover, but when intoxicated by power, he seldom recovers.

Author: James F. Byrnes (1879-1972)

Profession: American Judge, Secretary of State

From Paul to Stalin, the popes who have chosen Caesar have prepared the way for Caesars who quickly learn to despise popes.

Author: Albert Camus (1913-1960)

Profession: French Existential Writer

You can get more with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.

Author: Al Capone (1899-1947)

Profession: American Gangster

Immense power is acquired by assuring yourself in your secret reveries that you were born to control affairs.

Author: Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919)

Profession: American Industrialist, Philanthropist

To achieve the mood of a warrior is not a simple matter. It is a revolution. To regard the lion and the water rats and our fellow men as equals is a magnificent act of a warrior's spirit. It takes power to do that.

Author: Carlos Castaneda

Profession: American Anthropologist, Author

Iron hand in a velvet glove.

Author: Charles V (1500-1558)

Profession: King of Spain, Holy Roman Emperor.