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Elegance of language may not be in the power of all of us; but simplicity and straight forwardness are. Write much as you would speak; speak as you think. If with your inferior, speak no coarser than usual; if with your superiors, no finer.

Author: Alford


Simplicity is natures first step, and the last of art.

Author: Philip James Bailey (1816-1902)

Profession: British Poet

The price we pay for the complexity of life is too high. When you think of all the effort you have to put in --telephonic, technological and relational --to alter even the slightest bit of behavior in this strange world we call social life, you are left pining for the straightforwardness of primitive peoples and their physical work.

Author: Jean Baudrillard

Profession: French Postmodern Philosopher, Writer

I have a simple life. I mean, you just give me a drum roll, they announce my name, and I come out and sing. In my job I have a contract that says I'm a singer. So I sing.

Author: Tony Bennett (1926)

Profession: American Musician, Painter, Singer

What is conceived well is expressed clearly.

Author: Nicholas Boileau (1636-1711)

Profession: French Literary Poet, Critic

Partial culture runs to the ornate, extreme culture to simplicity.

Author: Christian Nevell Bovee (1820-1904)

Profession: American Author, Lawyer

Outward simplicity befits ordinary men, like a garment made to measure for them; but it serves as an adornment to those who have filled their lives with great deeds: they might be compared to some beauty carelessly dressed and thereby all the more attractive.

Author: Jean De La Bruyere (1645-1696)

Profession: French Classical Writer

To simplify complications is the first essential of success.

Author: George Earle Buckle (1854-1935)

Profession: British Journalist

The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simple behavior is more effective.

Author: Warren Buffett (1930)

Profession: American Investment Entrepreneur

The most complex things are the simplest.

Author: Agni Celeste


Out of intense complexities intense simplicities emerge.

Author: Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Profession: British Statesman, Prime Minister

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.

Author: Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Profession: British Statesman, Prime Minister

When thought is too weak to be simply expressed, it's clear proof that it should be rejected.

Author: Luc De Clapiers


Every contrivance of man, every tool, every instrument, every utensil, every article designed for use, of each and every kind, evolved from a very simple beginnings.

Author: Robert Collier

Profession: American Writer, Publisher

Life is really simple, but men insist on making it complicated.

Author: Confucius

Profession: Chinese Ethical Teacher, Philosopher