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Surprises Quotes

Surprises are foolish things. The pleasure is not enhanced and the inconvenience is often considerable.

Author: Jane Austen (1775-1817)

Profession: British Novelist

There is no greater evidence of superior intelligence than to be surprised at nothing.

Author: Josh Billings (1815-1885)

Profession: American Humorist, Lecturer

Which death is preferably to every other? ''The unexpected''.

Author: Julius Caesar (101-44 BC)

Profession: Roman Emperor

At the age of 19, you always think you are prepared for everything and you think you have the knowledge of what’s coming ahead.

Author: Princess of Wales Diana (1961-1997)

Profession: Wife of Charles, Prince of Wales

A man surprised is half beaten.

Author: Thomas Fuller (1608-1661)

Profession: British Clergyman, Author

Stupefaction, when it persists, becomes stupidity.

Author: Jose Ortega Y Gasset (1883-1955)

Profession: Spanish Essayist, Philosopher

Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change.

Author: Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)

Profession: British Novelist, Poet

The only thing that should surprise us is that there are still some things that can surprise us.

Author: Francois De La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680)

Profession: French Classical Writer

The husband who decides to surprise his wife is often very much surprised himself.

Author: Voltaire (1694-1778)

Profession: French Historian, Writer