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Talent is something, but tact is everything. It is the interpreter of all riddles, the surmounter of all difficulties, the remover of all obstacles.

Author: W. P. Scargill


Talent works, genius creates.

Author: Robert Schumann (1810-1856)

Profession: German Composer

Talent is always conscious of its own abundance, and does not object to sharing.

Author: Alexander Solzhenitsyn (1918)

Profession: Russian Novelist

Talent is nothing but a prolonged period of attention and a shortened period of mental assimilation.

Author: Konstantin Stanislavisky (1863-1968)

Profession: Russian Actor, Theatre director, Teacher

I'd rather have a lot of talent and a little experience than a lot of experience and a little talent.

Author: John Wooden (1910)

Profession: American Basketball Coach