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Because her instinct has told her, or because she has been reliably informed, the faded virgin knows that the supreme joys are not for her; she knows by a process of the intellect; but she can feel her deprivation no more than the young mother can feel the hardship of the virgin's lot.

Author: Arnold Bennett (1867-1931)

Profession: British Novelist

An isolated outbreak of virginity is a rash on the face of society. It arouses only pity from the married, and embarrassment from the single.

Author: Charlotte Bingham

Profession: American Author

The great majority of people in England and America are modest, decent and pure-minded and the amount of virgins in the world today is stupendous.

Author: Barbara Cartland (1901)

Profession: British Novelist

I always thought of losing my virginity as a career move.

Author: Madonna (1958)

Profession: American Musician, Singer, Actress,

She had already allowed her delectable lover to pluck that flower which, so different from the rose to which it is nevertheless sometimes compared, has not the same faculty of being reborn each spring.

Author: Marquis De Sade (1740-1814)

Profession: French Author

It is an infantile superstition of the human spirit that virginity would be thought a virtue and not the barrier that separates ignorance from knowledge.

Author: Voltaire (1694-1778)

Profession: French Historian, Writer