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Nine-tenths of our sickness can be prevented by right thinking plus right hygiene -- nine-tenths of it!

Author: Henry Miller (1891-1980)

Profession: American Author

There are lone figures armed only with ideas, sometimes with just one idea, who blast away whole epochs in which we are enwrapped like mummies. Some are powerful enough to resurrect the dead. Some steal on us unawares and put a spell over us which it takes centuries to throw off. Some put a curse on us, for our stupidity and inertia, and then it seems as if God himself were unable to lift it.

Author: Henry Miller (1891-1980)

Profession: American Author

Build it and they will come!

Author: Fields Of Dreams Movie


St. Teresa of Avila described our life in this world as like a night at a second-class hotel.

Author: Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990)

Profession: British Broadcaster

Faith is power to believe and power to see...

Author: Prentice Mulford


The cities and mansions that people dream of are those in which they finally live.

Author: Lewis Mumford (1895-1990)

Profession: American Social Philosopher

We go where our vision is.

Author: Joseph Edward Murphy (1919)

Profession: American Surgeon

The obscure we see eventually, the completely apparent takes longer.

Author: Edward R. Murrow (1908-1965)

Profession: American Journalist, Broadcaster

If I have seen further... it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

Author: Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727)

Profession: British Scientist, Mathematician

I know my fate. One day there will be associated with my name the recollection of something frightful -- of a crisis like no other before on earth, of the profoundest collision of conscience, of a decision evoked against everything that until then had been believed in, demanded, sanctified. I am not a man I am dynamite.

Author: Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

Profession: German Philosopher

Our first journey is to find that special place for us.

Author: Earl Nightingale (1921-1989)

Profession: American Radio Announcer, Author, Motivator, Speaker

If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes.

Author: Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

Profession: Spanish Artist

For light I go directly to the Source of light, not to any of the reflections.

Author: Peace Pilgrim (1908-1981)

Profession: American Peace Activist

When you go to buy, use your eyes not your ears.

Author: Czech. Proverb

Profession: Sayings of Czech Origin

Vision without action is a daydream. Action with without vision is a nightmare.

Author: Japanese Proverb

Profession: Sayings of Japanese Origin