Sean Penn Planning A Movie In Venezuela

Posted: October 31, 2009 11:37 AM

Sean Penn Planning A Movie In Venezuela

Actor/ director Sean Penn is planning to shoot a new movie in Venezuela, the country's President Hugo Chavez has revealed.

Penn shared his plans with the controversial leader during a meeting on Wednesday (28Oct09) at the presidential palace in the capital Caracas.

The movie will be based on Cuban author Alejo Carpentier's 1953 novel The Lost Steps.

Speaking on state television Chavez says "(He) told me was very interested in a film project... that would most likely be shot in part in Venezuela."

The Mystic River actor has been heavily criticised for his connections to Chavez and former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Penn will be writing about his trip to Cuba and Venezuela as part of an upcoming Vanity Fair article.

Source: India Server