Janet Jackson worried about Lady Gaga

Posted: April 04, 2010 10:25 AM

Janet Jackson worried about Lady Gaga

Pop star Lady Gaga has found a new admirer in Janet Jackson, who is in absolute awe of the singer's "sweet" personality and is concerned about her health. Janet admitted she's hooked on the colourful pop star's music and was thrilled to discover the 'Bad Romance' hitmaker is a "sweetheart", reported MTV online.

"I really love GaGa and she's a sweetheart. It's not always the case when you meet them (superstars). You can enjoy their work, but it's not always so pleasant when you get to know their personality, and she truly is a sweetheart. She's definitely doing something different and I love that," said Janet.

She is also worried about the 24-year-old singer's health after GaGa confessed to passing out three times during her a concert in New Zealand last month.

"She works so hard and I told her I think she needs to slow down just a little bit, take some time out for herself," said Janet.