Liz Hurley and Shane Warne - True love or publicity gimmick?

Posted: February 25, 2011 12:55 AM

Liz Hurley and Shane Warne - True love or publicity gimmick?

It's been some time now, but Elizabeth Hurley and Shane Warne's very public love story doesn't seem to leave the spotlight or the front pages even for a moment - but some are left wondering - is it true love or just a cheap publicity gimmick?

Warne and Hurley have been very vocal about their mutual affection for each other on Twitter, for the rest of the world to see.

That's what was so extraordinary about it - just how open they were in their tweeting, the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Fiona McIntosh, the founding editor of Grazia and now a columnist for the London-based Sunday Mirror, as saying.

McIntosh added that Warne and Hurley seemed to be completely unaffected by with the ongoing phone-tapping scandal - where some stars jealously guard their privacy, these two don't seem to care at all.

Maybe they were carried away in the first flash of love. That's what I'm not sure about - if it was a strategy or not, she said.

Surprisingly, Hurley has been very private about her life - whether it was ex boyfriend Hugh Grant's encounter with prostitute Divine Brown or her court case for picture agencies who snapped her, Grant and new husband Arun Nayar while they were on holiday.