Meeting my wife was destiny: Matt Damon

Posted: March 03, 2011 05:45 AM

Meeting my wife was destiny: Matt Damon

Actor Matt Damon who married Luciana Bozan Barroso in 2003 says meeting his wife in a bar made him sure they were destined to be together for long.

"I had never really hung out in Miami and one night in the middle of the shoot, the crew, a couple guys, said, 'We're going to get a beer somewhere.' I said, 'I'm not really into it.' They said, 'Come on,' and kind of dragged me along," quoted him as saying.

"We ended up at a bar where my wife was the bartender. I literally saw her across a crowded room and eight years and four kids later, that's my life.

"I don't know how else our paths would have crossed if that didn't happen. The moral is that when you're tired, suck it up and go to the bar because you might meet your wife," he added.

Source: DNA India