Liam Hemsworth says Miley is his ideal woman

Posted: July 26, 2012 01:25 AM

Liam Hemsworth says Miley is his ideal woman

Liam Hemsworth says fiancee Miley Cyrus is his ideal woman.

The 'Hunger Games' actor recently proposed to the former 'Hannah Montana' star and he knows she is the right person for him because she makes him laugh and he feels totally relaxed around her.

When asked to describe his ideal woman, Liam said - 'My fiancee. She's extremely happy and has a sense of humour about life. And she has taught me you can step back and not take everything so seriously. Happy, positive, fun - those qualities are good in anyone.'

Liam, 22, also says 19-year-old Miley is very cool when it comes to his fashion choices and would never tell him what to wear.

He told America's InStyle magazine: 'She doesn't care. My style is very inconsistent. One day, I'll put together a cool outfit, and the next, I'll look like a homeless person.'

Miley recently revealed how she loves being engaged, writing on her twitter page: 'I love being a 'fiancee'.

Previous to that the singer-and-actress had written on the micro-blogging website: 'Will I ever quit staring at my finger?'.