There's "Long-Lasting Loyalty" among Destiny's Child members says Kelly Rowland

Posted: April 15, 2016 01:27 PM


A lot has been said about the relationships of the Destiny's Child members ever since Beyonce and the rest of the women parted ways, but former member Kelly Rowland is opening up about how they all really feel about each other.

Buzzfeed caught up with Rowland, who said that they all have nothing but love for each other despite what other people might think. "One word that comes to mind is friendship. Another word that comes to mind is long-lasting loyalty. I think that's one of the perks of being in a group, that you get friendship," she shared with the website. "I think when you all truly, genuinely love each other, you all got each other's backs, you want to be there for each other, you do more than just sing together." They didn't just "sing together," either; Destiny's Child danced and shook their "Bootylicious" bottoms all the way to the top, forging close bonds and memories as they went along.

"You make money together, you can make millions of dollars together! You make memories together. You travel the world together," she continued. "You meet people together. It's just, really awesome. I think that culture of girl groups is just, it's tens, it really is, it's tens." It doesn't sound like they ever had trouble paying those bills, bills, bills with those "millions."

Even though Destiny's Child is a thing of the past, Rowland is keeping her eyes on girl groups. She has a new show, Chasing Destiny, which will focus on her quest to find the next great all-female group, but make no mistake she's not looking for "the next Destiny's Child." She will, however, be consulting Beyonce and Michelle Williams for advice.

"It's good feedback," Kelly told W Magazine, "and I'm happy they're really honest with me, because they feel the same way I do: each generation should be better than the last." For the most part Chasing Destiny will be a solo endeavor. "I wanted to do everything myself," she said in an interview with The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1. "I wanted to keep it just about me."