EntWagon - Greetings Flowers speak the language of the heart ! So when you want to say 'I Love You', 'I Care' or jus' a 'Thank You' to your sweetheart/ friends/ loved ones... express it with a lovely, animated & free greeting card.

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Roses Roses
Red, pink, peach & white... beautiful roses for you to reach out to your sweetheart !
For A Friend For A Friend
Reach out to your 'buds' & 'blossom' pals...
For Your Love For Your Love
Beautiful flowers for your sweetie !
Thank You Thank You
Roses, tulips, sunflowers & warm messages to reach out to your friends/ loved ones.
Virtual Bouquets Virtual Bouquets
Write your own message and send these beautiful flowers to convey your wishes.
Summer Flowers Summer Flowers
Let your friends/loved ones know how special they are...
For Someone You Care For Someone You Care
Reach out to your friend, beloved, sibling, loved one with these warm & cute messages... & let 'em know how much you care !
Specials Specials
Be it your friend's birthday or a loved one's wedding, these floral wishes are the best way to reach out & make 'em feel special !
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  Floral Wishes
  Have A Beautiful Day
  Flowers : Chinese
  Flowers : Spanish
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