EntWagon - Greetings A friend is a 'gift' our heart treasures. A friend is someone who understands us and shares our feelings. Here are some heartwarming free greeting cards for you to reach out to your friends and let 'em know how special they are.

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Best Friends Best Friends
Warm, funny, cute messages to make your best friend feel extra special !
Hello Hello
Drop a special greeting your friend's way... and brighten up his/ her day !
Thanks Friend Thanks Friend
Warm messages for your friends to let 'em know how much they mean to you.
Keep In Touch Keep In Touch
Long time no see ! Been out of touch with your pals ? Great ways to catch up with 'em !
Between Friends Between Friends
Reach out to your dear friend, school/ college buddy, neighbor, colleague or someone you're close to.
Friendship Thoughts Friendship Thoughts
Heartwarming messages to reach out to your friends !
Special Friends Special Friends
Reach out to your sis, bro, spouse, loved one who's also like a friend to U !
I'm Always Here... For You ! I'm Always Here... For You !
Wonderful ways to reach out to your friends in their difficult times or just like that !
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