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Dog, Man, Dog

A hippie was hitch-hiking when a speeding car screeched to a halt beside him and the driver yelled, "Get in. Get in."
The hippie leapt into the passenger seat and with the wheels spinning they were on their way.
The hippie looked curiously at the driver and asked, "What's the rush?"
"I'm driving coast to coast" says the driver "and I don't have any time to waste."
"Cool" says the hippie.
The driver says, "In fact I'm in such a hurry that I don't even want to stop at any traffic lights and when we approach an intersection, I'll look left, you look right, if it's clear I'll drive through.
All goes well through the next three towns.
"Left clear."
"Right clear." Zoom !
Another intersection loomed. All seemed well and as the car was about to cross the line the hippie shouts, "Dog, man, dog !!!"
The driver, quickly decides that a dog can't do too much damage so he ignores the warning.
There's a gut-wrenching crrrrunnnch and three days later the driver opens his eyes in hospital and sees the hippie in the bed next to him.
"What happened ? What's with that dog ?"
"Yeah man. I yelled dog, as in GREYHOUND."

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