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Gorilla Catcher

One day a frightened homeowner called the zoo and said, " There's a huge gorilla in my tree in the front yard!".
The zoo keeper new of the escape and had already prepared for the capture. The zoo keeper arrived in no time flat.
He said to the homeowner, " Stay calm. I know what to do, but I need your help." With that he went to his van and retrieved the gorilla capturing tools: one pair of handcuffs, 45 automatic handgun, and a German shepherd named ROSCO.
The zoo keeper said to the homeowner," I'm going to climb up the tree and shake that gorilla down. When he falls, ROSCO will bite him in the balls. The gorilla will grab for his balls, and you handcuff him."
He then starts to climb up the tree when the homeowner yells up to him," what do I do with the gun?" The zoo keeper yells back down," If the gorilla shakes me out the tree, SHOOT ROSCO!!"

Category: Animals