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Bar Contest

A guy goes to a bar and sees a big jar of 5 dollar bills in it. He asks the bartender 'What's with the money?' the bartender replies 'we're having a contest.
You have to put in 5 dollars in the jar. then you have to complete 3 tasks. If you pass, you get all the money in the jar' 'ah what the hell. lets give it a try.' says the man, and puts the five dollars in the jar. 'first' says the bartender, 'you have to drink a large glass of tequila without making a face. second, there is a vicious rottweiler outside with a sore tooth. You have to pull out the sore tooth. third, upstairs there is an old woman who has never had sex in her life. you have to have sex with her. ok?' 'fine' says the man.
The bartender gives him the glass of tequila. the man drinks the whole thing without making a face.
Now drunk, he goes outside. the bartender here's lots of yelling and barking. when the man comes back, he is all shredded up. he asks 'ok, where's the woman with the sore tooth?'

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