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Depressed Man

A man walks into a bar one day and says to the barman "Please, I need a really stiff drink, pour me the strongest you've got."
"Sure" says the barman, "but what's bothering you?"
"You don't want to know," says the man, "but I've just found out my son is gay". He has his drink and leaves.
The next day, he's back in the bar. "Please barman, do you remember the drink you poured me yesterday?"
"Yes," says the barman
"Well, please pour me a double one of those today."
The barman lifts his eyebrows quizzingly, pours the drink and asks what has now gone wrong.
The man takes his drink, gulps it down and confesses: "My second son is also gay."
The following day, the man enters the bar once again and this time asks for the drink to be three times the strength.
"Hell," says the barman, "is there nobody in your house that likes women?"
"Unfortunately yes," says the man: "my wife."

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