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There was this drunk guy at a bar talking to the bartender about how much he loves gambling, and that he never loses. Just then, this other guy walks in bragging that he can sit eyes closed with his back facing the bar, and name what kind and how old any beer or wine is that you give him.
Only by taste and smell. The drunk who had been there before heard and thought to himself, 'this would be an easy way to win some money' so he goes over to him and says, 'I bet you that I can give you a drink that you can't name.'
'You're on, ' replied the bragger, 'as long as you pay.' 'Deal! 'So the gambler puts the first drink on the table. The guy closes his eyes picks up the drink and takes a sip and smells it thinks for a while and says, 'imported white wine 3 years old.'
Stunned the gambler pays for another drink and puts it on the table, the man picks it up sips it and smells then replies, 'Jack Daniels 2 years old.' Stunned once more the gambler realizes that he is short on cash so he gets a glass and pisses in it and gives it to the guy.
Again the guy picks up the glass and sips it, gags and spits it out. 'This tastes like piss!', the man says.' 'Yeah', says the other, 'now guess how old I am!'

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