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State Capitals

One day a young, buxom blonde decided that she had had it with the "Dumb Blonde" jokes going around. As a result, she decided that she would show all those non-blonde sexists that blondes really are smart, so she set out to learn the capital of each of the fifty United States.
A few days later, armed with her new-found knowledge, she overheard the watercooler talk among some co-workers; again brazenly laughing over the lack of blonde intellect. Having had our fill, our buxom blonde went to the foray and advised that she could prove to them, once and for all, that all blondes were not dumb. She then proceeded to show them by offering to name the capital of any state of their choosing. Taken aback by her confidence, a gentleman, thinking that he could stump her, asked her to name the capital of the State of Maine. With a few moments of insightful thought, our buxom blonde, as confident as could be, smiled and gleefully stated "M"!!!!!!

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