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Honeymoon Couples

Once a couple after their marrige goes london for their honeymoon.
They go to a hotel and asked for a room in which they stays for 2 days and when they were checking out receptionist tells them that hotel will pay them 1000 pound (500 pound/day) for their stay in hotel. The couple were surprised and quitely takes money and comes out of hotel assuming why they have paid them money.
The couple then thought that why not try another hotel next to that hotel. They were paid 2000 pound for 2 days in that hotel. They then realised that somehow previous hotelier had cheated them, so they came back to hotel in which they stayed first.
The couple asked manager of that hotel that "you have given us 1000 pound less for our 2 days stay while hotel next to yours have paid us in full"
Manager replied "Sir we make cassetes only but they show it live!!"

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