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Unexpectedly Beautiful

The secretary of a Gynecologist called to reshedule the patient lady's appointment and asked her if she would come today in next hour for her checkup or rather wait another month as doctor had to go out of town on a business trip.
The lady rushed to the bathroom, there was a napkin on the counter, picked it up, cleaned her vagina with it, put on her dress and rushed for the unexpected appointment.
In doctor's office she uddressed for checkup and slept on the table. Doctor examined the part, winked at the lady and said, "You sure look bright and beautiful, you have made an extra effort for today's visit haven't you?"
The lady smiled, came home and her daughter called, "Mom where is that napking on counter?"
The lady asked, "Why, can you use another napkin?"
"No Mom," replied the daughter emphatically, "that napkin had all my glitters and sparkles for my school decoration class."

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