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What's Wrong With Her?

This woman wasn't feeling well, so she went to see the family doctor. After hearing her symptoms the doctor scheduled her for a complete physical. Days later she returned to get the results. The doctor tells her that everything came back normal.
He asks, "How's your appetite?"
She replied, "Great! I eat like a horse."
He then asks, "Do you sleep well?"
"About 8 hours a night," she said.
"How about your elimination?" he asks.
"Every morning about 7:20 AM" she replied.
The doctor thinks a minute then says, "There's something going on that I can't put my finger on. I'm going to give you an antibiotic and see if that will cure the problem."
These 3 germs inside are listening to all of this and one of them says, "What are we going to do?"
One says, "I think I'll hide in the liver."
A second one says, "I think I'll hide in a kidney."
The last one says, "You guys can stick around if you want to, but I'm taking the 7:20 out of here."

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