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Extramarital Stormy Affairs

A married couple passed their euphoria period and was settling down. Wife trying to get full control of husbandís life started questioning him.
She threw a dart in dark at husband, "I know you have been with a lot of women before. I want to know, how many were there?"
The amused husband replied, "Honey, I don't want to upset you with all the romances of my life, there were quite a few you know! Please don't drag me into memory lane of all those lost loves of my life!
Growing more suspicious, wife continued to hammer at husband again and again. So finally the one and only one woman husband gave in.
"Let's see," he said. "There was first this Arlene, then Cindy came in my life, after that third was Emily, fourth was Gert, fifth was Irene, then You came along and I married you, then this Katrina came, and lately Rita appeared in my life and I am sure more are ahead."

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