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A salesman is talking with his wife.
"Last week I was in Indianapolis and was caught in a terrible traffic jam, so I decided to stop at my usual hotel and spend the night there, instead of risking to be delayed for hours and hours. Just while the desk clerk was assigning me the last available large bed room , in came my best account in Indianapolis, also caught in the traffic jam and also in need of a room for the night. He was my best account in Indianapolis: what could I do?
I offered to share the room with him. He accepted thankfully and we went both to sleep in the large bed .
I did not like the situation so much, but he was my best account in Indianapolis: what else could I do?
We put the light off and I had a hunch that he was trying to get a little to close to me for my liking . I resented it but, after all, he was my best account in Indianapolis and I rejected any implication, thinking it was my own imagination.
But,a little later, when he came really close and started putting his tool between my legs, I had no doubt about his real intentions any more."
"My God," says the wife, this is terrible: what did you do then?"
"What could I do, he was my best account in Indianapolis..."

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