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Friday's In Hell

A lawyer passes away and being the worst in his defense to his clients ends up at Satan door, upon his arrival he was greeted by Satan himself, looking at Satan he asks, why am I here? Satan replies do you remember all the people you misrepresented and still took there money, though quite stunned the lawyer answers well, yes ok so, well Satan adds don't worry it will be fun here.
And how so the lawyer asks, Satan replies you look like a man who likes to have fun, right? yes he answers, well we have daily scheduled events Monday through Friday. Mondays everyone gets to eat all kinds of food and you like that? yes he answers, Tuesdays everyone drinks what ever they like no limit, the lawyer looks amazed, and can not believe he is in hell.
So Satan adds do you like women? the attorney says why hell yes, well then your going to love Wednesdays he adds, see not so bad so far. well now for Thursday we offer a repeat of any of the previous days activities and you get to choose which day to repeat, WOW, exclaimed the shocked attorney, finally Satan asks now for Fridays, oh by the way, you wouldn't happen be gay would you, the stunned attorney said No! Satan says oh too bad your going to hate Fridays.

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