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Business In Hell

A car full of ladies from the Jamnagar city in Gujarat fund raising committee is in a terrible accident.
They arrive at the Pearly Gates where Saint Peter is waiting. The women want to get into Heaven, so Saint Peter looks through the book, but can't find them listed in the New Arrivals section. "I'm sorry, Saint Peter there must be some mistake." With that, he sends them down to Hell.
A week later, God asks Saint Peter, "What happened to those Gujarati ladies who were supposed to be here?"
"You mean the ones from Jamnagar City in Gujarat ?" Saint Peter asks. "I didn't see them listed, so I sent them to Hell."
"You what?" God asks outraged, "I wanted them here. If you want to keep your job Saint Peter, you better call Satan and get them back up here ASAP," St. Peter gets on the phone and calls Hell.
Satan answers.
St. Peter says, "Satan you know those Gujarati ladies I sent down there last week?
Well, I really need them up here. Could you please send them back?
"No way," Satan replies. "They're here two days and they've already raised Rupees 100,000 for an air conditioning system here."

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