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Duck Duck Denture

A preaching minister's all the remaining rotting teeth had to be pulled out and was given a new denture.
First Sunday he liked his new look but he felt uncomfortable. He had preached barely ten minutes, he asked the listener's apology, explained that his gums were so sore that it hurt to talk and he would shut up.
Again second week, he adjusted, barely preached twenty minutes and quieted himself. He asked forgiveness and explained his dentures were hurting a lot.
But, to every one's surprised he talked on the third Sunday for one hour and thirty minutes. Suddenly he noticed the bored, yawning, annoyed audience. He realized what he had done and stopped.
So embarrassingly he apologized again and explained, "This morning, brothers and sisters, in a rush, I came here to talk to you and accidentally I pushed my wife's dentures in my mouth."

Category: Religious