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Best One

On their wedding night, Amanpreet displays his "magnificent beast" to his new bride, Lori, and tells her it's the only one in the world. She, of course, believes him.
He's gone to a conference for a couple of weeks. Upon his return, Lori questions him.
"'Preet, I thought you said you had the only one in the world. But, Quint, down at the drug store, has one, too!"
"Well, uh, " Amanpreet stutters, "you see, Quint and I were, uh, in the Air Force together, yeah, that's it, in the military, and I had two, so, uh, I gave him one of mine."
Lori sighed. "Oh. I see. Well, why did you give him the *best* one?"

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