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The opening Indian batsmen in a One-Day match against the Pakistan were Sachin Tendulkar and a new find, sardar Stroke Singh. Shoaib Akhtar, the pace bowler, opened the bowling for his side. The first ball went sizzling past the off-stump. ZOOOM........... and was collected by the wicketkeeper.
Sardar Stroke Singh did not as much as budge from his place. Shoaib bowled his second, third and fourth balls...
ZOOOM... ZOOOM... ZOOOM.......
All about the wicket with Stroke Singh standing still as a statue.
The fifth delivery was declared "No ball" by the umpire.
Like a true professional Sardar Stroke Singh went tapping the pitch midway towards Sachin Tendulkar and said, "I knew from the very beginning the fellow did not have a ball in his hand."

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