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Santa Singh Nanga

There was a Sardar and his name was 'Santa Singh Nanga'. Everybody used to laugh at him, tease him for having such a name. Once in a friend's Party, the host introduced Santa Singh to others saying, "Meet my old friend Santa Singh Nanga", and the whole party burst into laughter.
Sardar could not take it any more and decide to legally change his name. He went to court and made an appeal to the judge.
Sardar: "Judge saab, mera naam sunke sare hass de ne. Tussi sunoge ta tussi vi hassoge. Mainu mera naam badalna hai jee."
Judge: "O nahi-nahi ! Koi gal nahi.. Tussi apna naam dasso."
Sardar: "Mera naam hai Santa Singh Nanga."
Judge saab also starts laughing. "Koi gal nahi. Koi gal nahi. Tussi yeh batawo ki Tuhanu keda nava naam chahida hai?"
Sardar (After thinking for a while): "Banta Singh Nanga"

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