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The Cowboy excuses

Top Dallas Cowboy Excuses (for losing 1995 NFC Championship)

From David Letterman - Tuesday, January 17, 1995

1. Afraid to play in Super Bowl against anyone but the Bills.

2. Distracted by delicious smell of barbecue coming from John Madden's announce booth.

3. Trying to make one of Marv Albert's blooper reels.

4. Our friends on New York Jets convinced us: "Winning's no big deal."

5. Worried sick about Letterman botching the Academy Awards.

6. Those big guys on other team kept trying to knock us down.

7. Who needs all the pressure of a Super Bowl? Not us, Lonnie!

8. What a time to notice, them cheerleader outfits is skimpy!

9. Tired of going to Disneyland.

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