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Successful Waiter

The President of a big corporation decided to take the coffee break in his posh cafeteria and review the workings for a change.
The proud President wanted to impress upon an young boy waiter cleaning the tables, beckoned him with his fingure to come to him and started bragging. He asked, "Boy, how much do you make?"
The boy waiter told him his lowly income.
The big boss asked again, "Do you have any future plans, son?"
The boy nodded, "Sir, one day at a time is my life."
The big boss continued, "Listen boy and remember, when I was your age, I came from the country side as a poor no good bum. No one would employ me. I had no food, no shelter, and was a kicked out as rotten ass. And boy, look what I have today! Cars, houses, money, stocks, bonds, wealth, name recognition, mistresses. And, what do you have, tell me?"
The waiter replies humbly, "Sir, I have what you could no get, a paying Job."

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