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Mr. Johnson, the head of a large American firm, called a board meeting just before his holiday to hand out jobs for his time away to the lesser members and staff on the board. As he was going round the table handing out jobs he came to the new member of staff he came to Mr. Chen and put him in charge of supplies thinking that if he is the new boy we will give him an easy job.
On his return he called another meeting and asked for updates. After doing a round the table he realizes that Mr. Chen was missing he asks the board if anybody has seen him today and finds out to his dismay that he has been missing for two weeks. After sending out a message to every employee in the firm, he finds out from a cleaning lady that Mr. Chen has been in the building constantly down in stores.
The board then decides to go down a see what he has been doing, thinking he has rearranged the system and been working his buns off.
When they get there they find all the lights out. Just as they are about to leave, Mr. Chen leaps out from behind a box and shouts, "Supplies!"

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